JMC X CBM Collection - Limited Edition

We proudly present our exclusive collection, specially crafted to commemorate the grand opening of the art gallery located on the iconic Saint-Paul Street in Montreal. Drawing inspiration from the eternal charm of touristic prints found across the globe, our collaboration breathes new life into these timeless designs. Each piece in this collection exudes a sense of wanderlust, invoking memories of picturesque destinations and cultural wonders. This collaboration is not merely a celebration of art; it is a celebration of the shared love for culture, creativity, and human connection.


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JMC x CBM Sweatshirt - Ash GreyJMC x CBM Sweatshirt - Ash Grey
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JMC x CBM T-shirt - WhiteJMC x CBM T-shirt - White
JMC x CBM T-shirt - White Sale price$46.00
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JMC x CBM Hoodie - WhiteJMC x CBM Hoodie - White
JMC x CBM Hoodie - White Sale price$91.00
JMC x CBM Hoodie - BlackJMC x CBM Hoodie - Black
JMC x CBM Hoodie - Black Sale price$91.00
JMC x CBM Sweatshirt - RoyalJMC x CBM Sweatshirt - Royal
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JMC x CBM T-shirt - CharcoalJMC x CBM T-shirt - Charcoal
Limited Edition Hoodie - SandLimited Edition Hoodie - Sand
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JMC x CBM T-shirt - Heather GreyJMC x CBM T-shirt - Heather Grey
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Limited Edition T-shirt - BlackLimited Edition T-shirt - Black
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Limited Edition T-shirt - Ash GreyLimited Edition T-shirt - Ash Grey
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JMC x CBM T-shirt - CreamJMC x CBM T-shirt - Cream
JMC x CBM T-shirt - Cream Sale price$46.00
Limited Edition Sweatshirt - Forest GreenLimited Edition Sweatshirt - Forest Green


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